Hello there! My name is Alex Weehuizen. I am a mother, teacher and doula.

After working as a qualified nanny for a number of years I decided to train as an early childhood teacher and graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Education (ECE).  I really enjoyed developing supportive relationships with parents and their children.  Working in early childhood education has allowed me to experience a wide range of complex scenarios and to work with many different family dynamics.

As a result of my formative years as a teacher working with infants and their families, I became passionate about infant development.  Ever since I found my forte is working to support infants & their families.

Once my husband and I decided to start a family, I soon realised that being a mother was challenging! Being a teacher gave me a great insight into childhood development but it didn’t prepare me for the realities and pressures of parenting. I faced many hurdles in the first year of motherhood. Often we were navigating these hurdles alone and felt as though we didn’t have adequate support. 

I started to notice that many of my peers were also feeling like they were lacking in support and didn’t know how or who to contact for information in the formative months of their baby’s life. This planted a seed in my heart. I spent a number of years contemplating how I could support families.  After a lot of research, conversations and quiet contemplation, Nurtured was born.

Nurtured Postpartum & Beyond’s vision is to take care of families in their transition to parenthood in ways that support, empower & enrich.