Doula Care

The word ‘Doula’ comes from ancient Greek and means “a woman who serves.” In traditional cultures mothers were surrounded in care so they could heal, bond and feed their new baby without additional stress.

More than ever, parents are expected to navigate parenthood with very little support. There is much emphasis on pregnancy and birth, but often there is little preparation for life with a newborn. For families to thrive in their transition into parenthood, they need care and support. A postpartum Doula can assist with this.

A postpartum Doula is trained to provide emotional, physical and informational support to women in their early postpartum stage.

Each mother and family will have specific needs. It may mean I help you alleviate any undue stress by working with you to strategise self care routines, to help you become confident in baby care, to provide you with practical help around the home or to support you emotionally. Postpartum doula care includes –

Nurtured’s vision is to take care of mothers & families in their transition to parenthood in ways that support, empower & enrich.
  • Light house work
  • Cook & prepare meals
  • Refer to additional support agencies as required
  • Practical support that encourages confidence & intuition.
  • Advocate for the family
  • Demonstrate basic baby care
  • Promote self care
  • Help with care of older siblings
  • Provide evidence based information on newborn & postpartum topics

Nurtured Doula Packages

Newborn Nesting
Postpartum Planning Consultation
3 x 3 hour home visits
Phone/text support
TOTAL = 11 hours of support
Nurturing Deluxe
Postpartum Planning Consultation
10 x 3 hour home visits
Phone/text support
1 x 6 hour night doula support
TOTAL = 38 hours of support

Newborn Nesting – Once you arrive home, you will have support to help you settle in, prepare a meal, tidy, do laundry or help finish setting up for baby.

Nurtured Beginnings – This package will allow you support throughout your early postpartum period.  The support you will receive will help you as you recover physically and emotionally, as well as allow you to have unhurried time to bond with your new baby.

Nurturing Deluxe – If you want to have support that is comprehensive and regular, then this is the package for you!

Bespoke A la Carte Support – If you’d like to design a package that fits perfectly with your individual needs, then this is the best option for you! Choose times that work best for you (2 hour minimum per shift).  Shifts can be added or reduced with 48 hours notice.

Casual on call – I am available to support you on a causal on call basis once an initial consultation has been conducted and ‘terms and condition’s have been agreed to. By appointment only. Available hours are between 7am – 7pm for day rates of $65hr and 7pm – 7am of night hour rates of $85hr.

As your postpartum doula, I do not offer medical advice, provide medical care, or speak for you or your family on any medical matters. Instead, I will provide information, resources, and support. If I can’t help you, I will endeavour to connect you with someone who can.